Foodmarket* is the first Malaysian online shopping heaven for food lovers. 

Foodmarket, is a supermarket of sorts specialising in local food offerings and ready-to-eat stuff ranges from sambal, tempoyak, belacan, budu and many more. Our products are sourced locally around Malaysia supporting villagers, home based producers, single mothers, underprivileged communities and local food artisans.

We started so early in 2015 when shopping food online was not so popular. Recalling our earlier days just to explain what is the idea of Foodmarket, we have to tell our friends that Foodmarket is something similar to Lazada, but you don’t scream for fashion, this time you scream for food!

Foodmarket has gone through few phases of evolution and today everybody goes online. We will never stand till today without the support from all of you and because of that, we would like to say thank you.