Ten Things You Didn’t Know About

1. The first Malaysian online foodmart and focus only on rare and unique products and will stay so kampung3

2. All people behind foodmarket are all male age from 25 to 33 and all of them love food

3. Foodmarket was inspired because the founder who loves food so much and loves to cook, he realized that it is not easy to get certain products and cooking material in the city, hence he finds foodmarket will be the solution.

4. More than 50 types of sambal from every corner of the country and the number is growing every month.

5. Do you know that there are so many types of budu and all the taste are differ from each other and only Foodmarket can hosts all of them.

6. Some of the products in Foodmarket are produced by the poor people, they are repacked with better packaging with more attractive and chic design. All of it are designed by the Foodmarket team and it is selling exclusively in Foodmarket. Surprisingly they are one of the best seller too!

7. Foodmarket is not even one year old, but hosts customers from all over Malaysia up to Sabah and Sarawak and today they even deliver around the globe from Brunei to UK, France up to Saudi Arabia.

8. One of our vendor, a housewife/sambal-enthusiast turned into a serious entrepreneur producing sambal from her mini manufacturing factory and hired a few workers to help with the production. What an inspiring lady!

9. Do you know that Almarai Cream Cheese from Makkah available in the import section is the favourite by DYTM Raja Puan Muda Perlis and the Premium Bawang Goreng by Malay Cook available exclusive only in foodmarket is loveable by DYTM Tengku Puan Pahang.

10. Nobody knows that the team’s motto and sort of jokes to their vendors is ‘If Tesco doesn’t want to talk to you, come and talk to us and we will make you big’.

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